My father went through great lengths to restore the artifacts that my uncles brought home from the war, but I don’t mind if some of it isn’t original. I may even have some American things mixed in with the Dead Nazi trophies.

All I know is that my father’s family history will now be preserved and passed on as it should be. Instead of rotting in an attic where my biological mother has left it to disintegrate. I wasn’t able to take everything, but I have most of what matters. Mmm. Nothing is better than a dead Nazi. Semper Fi to my ancestors who made this possible and passed on a deep need to make sure it never happens again.

They make me proud to be a Marine.


Jovanić David of the Chetniks in Donji Lapac, Lika.




Discreet, quick access CCW belt pouch for medium to large frame handguns

The #0481 JK-2 Concealed Carry Pouch is an excellent, discreet alternative to a belt holster. It will fit a medium to large frame handgun plus a single extra magazine, retained and positioned with included hook and loop accessories. Features fully ambidextrous operation with a quick opening pull tab. Attaches to your belt or to PALS via 3” TacTie Attachment Straps.

The question that comes to mind is “why not carry in an inside-the-waistband-holster?”

If you’re wearing clothes that would leave the grip exposed it goes from Concealed Carry to Open Carry and that’s usually a poor option. Admittedly, its a solution for a small subset of problems, but since it can also be attached to PALS it can be made to look like ‘just another pouch’ on a pack or vest.



Anatomy of the Rifle M1 Garand